The Kostitsyn vs Russia

by Manwhore




« I’ve never talked to a Russian team »-Andrei Kostitsyn


As a result of the hasty elimination of Canadian in five games against the Flyers, Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn had a chance to be added to their national team, Belarus, in the current World Championship played in Quebec City.


It easily guess that Curt Fraser, head coach of the hockey program in Belarus, welcomes these additions with open arms since the two brothers, and Mikhail Grabovsky, represent the only three attackers in this country playing in the National Hockey League . « These are excellent players. We are more than happy to see them join us. They make us a better team, « says Fraser.




As far as rumors sending them to Europe next year, this is what Andrei had to respond to this topic. « These rumours are things invented for the Internet. I’ve never talked to any Russian team, « the elder brother Kostitsyn said. He also added: « Bob Gainey told me that we will talk about my new contract when I return to Montreal. »


As far as the pressure felt at this World Championship, as supporters of Belarus expect a lot of them, two young attackers Canadian agree to say that they feel no pressure and that ‘They will try to do their best. Sergei even adds: « We were not tired today, but we were not at our best. We will be better in the next match. «


Although they have not played on the same line today, Sergei likes to play with Andrei: « I love playing with my brother. We have a chemistry together, we can always find us on the ice. However, the decision rests with our coach. «


In addition to Kostitsyn and Grabovsky, men of Curt Fraser could also count on the contribution of defender Ruslan Salei, from the Colorado Avalanche.