Concours // Mange des crêpes avec Dustin Penner


Alors, Dustin Penner a décidé de prendre son histoire de spasme au dos en mangeant des crêpes au sérieux. Ou devrais-je dire avec un brin d’humour? Plusieurs internautes se sont moqués de la gueule (ou du dos) de Dustin Penner, alors celui-ci leur a envoyé une lettre.

Grosso modo, la lettre raconte que le joueur des Kings de Los Angeles mangeait de crêpes végétariennes (WTF?) quand il a été pris de spasmes au dos soudain. Afin de tourner cette situation en positif, au lieu de demander 1500 $ comme une pute de riche, Dustin Penner organise un concours avec le blogue sur les Kings de Los Angeles MayorsManor. Il vend des tickets 1$ afin d’offrir aux fans de hockey la chance de manger des crêpes avec lui. Les profits iront à une oeuvre de charité. Ci-dessous, la lettre dans son intégralité.

So it seems as though I need to address Pancakegate for those in the sports media world, as well as those following #pennercakes on twitter, in light of the recent phenomenon I’ve created.

Right off the bat, I’d like to clarify a few things. 

For example, they were vegetarian pancakes. The injury happened as I was sitting down to eat, not mid-bite. And yes, I did finish them. 

There has been some feedback from the media as a whole regarding the lack of transparency involving injuries. So, I decided to be candid.

First and foremost, I think we can agree that having delicious pancakes that your wife made for breakfast, for a 1pm game, is not out of the norm. Secondly, « SOBS » (Sudden Onset Back Spasms) can occur at any moment, doing just about anything you can think of, and is a very serious issue.

Those who have experienced « SOBS, » know it is no laughing matter. I’m a little hurt, to tell you the truth, that the plight of my people isn’t being taken seriously.

Frankly, I don’t mind the attention and there’s no such thing as bad press, right? Apparently, I made it onto ESPN’s ‘Around the Horn’ and joined Kings’ ATH alumnus Dustin Brown (see water bottle incident) and have also became a twitter sensation overnight (with hashtag #pennercakes). So, I’m hoping to get an endorsement from IHOP or Denny’s. 

The main thing here though is that we were able to bring attention to a serious issue like « SOBS » and hopefully find a treatment and unmask the mystery of it all.

In closing, for those who know how to laugh and find humor in life I hope they’ve enjoyed this as much as I did. 

In an effort to end the entire experience on a high note, I’m partnering with MayorsManor to sponsor a ‘Pancakes with Penner’ breakfast. In the weeks to come we’ll be setting up a special raffle. Fans will be able to purchase tickets for $1.00 for a chance to have a pancake breakfast with me. All the money raised will go to charity…while we enjoy some delicious pancakes!

Be on the lookout for more information soon.

Thank you for your time,
Dustin Penner